Weight Paint Blender 2.8

Addon for blender containing tools for simplifying workflow in blender weight paint mode. Useful for riggers, animators and character artist but not only.

  • convenient pie menu for applying weights to vertices - with properly working symmetry and auto normalization
  • custom weights mirroring for all tools, works even if topology is not symmetrical.
  • symmetrize vertex groups that works even if topology is not symmetrical
  • easy picking/copying vertex weights, from multiple selected vertices.
  • Transfer vertex weights - add, replace, multiply weights from one bone to another
  • improved smoothing, level weights - with properly working symmetry and auto normalization
  • Draw gradient with custom gradient falloffs (Ease, linear, Gaussian), and mirroring.
  • Override from adjacent- replace broken weights on selected vertices from adjacent geometry.
  • Project weights - Project weights from non selected mesh parts to selection

My first post on these forums 😛 Anyway, I’m a Blender noob and still trying to learn the whole thing. So, I recently started with animation, I got the mesh + Armature. But then, when I try to weight paint the thing, I can’t select a bone like everyone in the tutorial videos do, it selects the whole armature instead! I have done everything: Name the bones, name the armature. Blender 2.8: Can't select bones for weight painting. I have recently created an armature for a model, and I can find no way to select a specific bone for weight painting. I select both the armature and the model, go to weight paint mode, and it shows as having the entire armature selected. Any combination of CTRL, ALT, Shift, Left. Finally, the Multi-Paint option allows treating multiple selected bones as if they were one bone, so that the painting operations change the combined weight, preserving the ratio within the group. Combined with locking, this allows balancing between one set of bones versus the rest, excluding a third set that has its influence not.

  • Vertex Paint Workflow in Blender 2.8 0. By Wayward Art Company on November 11, 2018 Videotutorials. Wayward Art Company writes: Greetings everyone! Here is a quick.
  • Problems are visible in blender 2.8 to 2.9 versions including LTS. Problem: symmetry. When it happens: for most of the models we rig, symmetry is one of the important things when we weight paint. For that we have x-mirror at the options menu and symmetry axis. They have their own advantages, but if you are not used to this workflow, in my opinion it is very confusing.

Video Tutorial¶

For blender 2.79 but lots of things are the same in Blender2.8


Blender 2.8 Weight Paint Mode

To install Weight Paint Tools you need zip file from your Gumroad account.
Then, inside Blender, go to:

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons, and click 'Install' button.

And navigate to Weight Paint Tools_2.x.zip (for Blender 2.8) file location.


Weight Paint Tools has build in auto updater. When you use it, updater will download latest Weight Paint Tools release and install in background. To use auto updater go to:

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Weight Paint Tools -> press 'Check for update'.

If new version is found, press 'Update addon' button, wait few seconds for download, installation and restart blender. Or you download update manually by getting new zip file from your Gumroad account. You should have received download link to zip file, with email when you purchased Weight Paint Tools.


Weight Paint Blender 2.8 Gallon



Weight Paint Tools pie menu in Weight Paint Mode: Eset pro.

  • 'Ctrl+X' hotkey (can be changed in addon preferences).


For support or bug reports use this discord server.