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Love the service, love the Lama. Download Winamp here: Programs used: Photoshop cs6. Download these free Winamp skins freeware to change the look and feel of your Winamp media player. With lots of classic and modern choices, the free Winamp skins are easy to download, install, and use. These free Winamp skins themes don't require any special software to install. We provide you with easy to understand installation instructions.

Install the Winamp Skin Files

  1. Skins are downloaded as a .zip file which must first be scanned using a virus scanning program. After scanning unzip it to a temporary folder you can create on your desktop.Inside that folder you will find a .wsz file for a classic skin. For a modern skin you will find a .wal file or a folder with many files inside.
  2. If you have downloaded a .wsz or .wal file you can simply double-click on it and click Yes to install it.
  3. The .wsz file or .wal file is then copied to your C:Program FilesWinampSkins folder.
  4. If you downloaded a modern skin you will need to copy the folder full of files to your C:Program FilesWinampSkins folder manually.
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Love the service, love the Lama. Download Winamp here: Programs used: Photoshop cs6.

  • At that time I designed wallpapers, winamp skins and ICQ skins on a wide range of themes. Today, I thought I would make some inspirational wallpapers for you guys.:D These wallpapers include inspirational quotes — some by me (basically the ones where I didn’t credit any author name), and some by top people in the world — which will serve.
  • Winamp Wallpaper (For Wallpaper Plugin) Arts and Design The free customizable Winamp media player that plays mp3 + other audio files, syncs your iPod, subscribes to Podcasts and more.

How to Use Your New Winamp Skin

Winamp Live Wallpaper

  1. Start the Winamp player, if there is an Options menu present click on that, choose Skins, then select the skin you wish to use.
  2. If you don't see any menus right click on a blank place on the body of the player, choose Skins from the right click menu. Select the skin you wish to use.
  3. That's all there is to it and all without buying any programs.

via - Using WinAmp Visualizations as the Windows Desktop background!.

Using WinAmp Visualizations as the Windows Desktop background. This won't work on all computers as some just don't have good enough video cards. It should work on any Windows version later than Windows 2000, not including Windows Millenium Edition (Win Me). There is a video download below also.

Open WinAmp.

Click on 'View', then 'Visualizations', and once that's open, RIGHT click and choose 'AVS Editor', then 'Settings'.

Now choose 'Display', check the box for 'Overlay mode' and 'Set desktop to color'.

Slide the 'Windowed performance' slider to the higher framerate(left).


Check the box for 'Pixel doubling[half resolution]' - This one, don't check if your video card is the baddest in the land and you'll get the full, smooth look, if you just have one that's pretty good, go ahead and check it and the video will look better and faster.

Winamp Wallpaper

Now back to the 'settings' and now choose 'Fullscreen'.

Double check your 'Fullscreen video mode:' to make sure it matches what you have your monitor resolution set to. This could be set lower than what you have yours set to, but NOT higher.

Check the 'Pixel doubling'.

Back to the settings and now choose 'Presets/Hotkeys'

This one is personal preference, of course, but I like to have the different presets change a little more slowly than the default setting. I set mine to 20 seconds, but you may like yours faster or slower. There is a button above that which will let you choose specific presets. I leave mine set on All and it mixes them up pretty well.

Cmake target compile options. At this point you can close the AVS Editor. I usually 'Detatch Visualizer' from the main WinAmp window. Once you minimize WinAmp you should see that the desktop is now the visualization(In the video it won't show up due to the capture software).

The video you can download the 10MB AVI here, and the .txt file here (right click and save as or just copy it).